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Welcome to the My name is Les Porter and I designed, developed and have maintained this website for the past 5 years. A lot has changed during that time. I continue to do web stuff but I got married and have been blessed with two beautiful children. I also created other online entities and businesses during that time. There's more but I'll keep this short.

All of this means I don't have any time so I am selling off or closing down most of my websites to regain some personal time and focus my efforts on one project. If you would like to buy, let me know. I'm willing to provide the domain, code, data and anything else. I'll tell you right now the data is likely what is most valuable since there is 1.5 million miles of fuel mileage data. You can email me or contact me on Twitter.

For current members: If you would like a refund, get in touch with me and I'll be happy to do that. If you would like your fuel and trip data, I can get that to you as well. Thank you for your business and contribution to the website.

I shut down the website on September 8. So what's my next project? It's Proyo.

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